X2 Wheels

X2 alloy wheels , one of India fastest emerging group in alloy wheels distribution and marketing in India as well as abroad .just within very short period, x2 brands  has well known for their ultimate and exclusive designs, best offering service, fulfillments of commitments  amongst their channel partners . Today, the company SHEROMANI  TRADERS PVT LTD , who is marketing for x2 brands ,  is as committed as ever to providing only high-quality alloy wheels and distributing  the very best the world has to offer. From conceptual design to final rim quality, X2 wheels have no equals.

From passenger cars to SUVs, X2 Wheels produces a wide range of first rate products designed to serve the exacting demands of both local and international buyers.

And yet, despite having achieved significant market share in several markets, SHEROMANI TRADERS PVT LTD , still believes that the best is yet to come. On the immediate agenda are plans to further expand its market penetration by launching innovative new product designs executed with the latest manufacturing technologies, and thereby claim its rightful place as one of the Asian region’s leading supplier of alloy wheels. Starting the range from 12’’ to 16’, along with coming all up sizing designs in very short time, with a great feedback and appreciations, x2 brand is creating a great awareness among the traditional customers as well as new buyers.