Why Temporary/Contract staffing with Xtracare? 
Reduce head count of company employees - No liabilities associated with permanent employment. It allows you to increase staff without increasing headcount. Small or Large, Local or Global - outsourcing of Staff is key to all successful organizations.

Fair treatment to employee - Employee is the key to successful businesses. Streamlined & Systematic on boarding process with salary structuring as per updated Labour Law Compliance.
Drastic Reduction of Administrative work - Freed man-hours for more productive tasks which are profit generating & related to core business. Single monthly invoice for services rendered.
Pan India Presence with state of the art infrastructure in Delhi - Complete management of Provident Fund, ESIC, Labour Welfare Fund, Professional Tax, Contract Labour, Bonus, Gratuity, Employee Income tax etc. Centralised set up for managing compliance activities. "
Complete Employee life cycle management - Reduction of routine transactional queries. Cost benefit arrived due to economies of scale. Interaction meetings with employees on regular basis. 
Monthly MIS reporting - Submission of Documentary proof of various salary payments, government statutory payments. Transparent billing system. Dedicated Client Servicing team to assist clients with billing/compliance related queries. Personal interaction meeting with clients on regular basis for feedback & improvement of processes.

Employment Life Cycle

Benefits to employees
Appointment Letter & ID Cards issued to all employees.
Salary structure & company rules are explained.
Zero Balance Salary Accounts with cheque book facility& debit card. Employees can have option of using their existing bank accounts.
Benefits of PF, ESIC, Activation of UAN etc. training given to employees.
SMS sent on their mobiles when salary is transferred.
Employees can view their salary slip on our website with unique username & password .
Optional Personal Accident Insurance Policy & Medical cover .
Calculation of Income Tax & issue of Form 16 (only taxable employees).
Assistance to claim benefit from ESIC & PF withdrawal.
Experience letter issued at time of separation .
Dedicated HR Helpdesk to service employees for queries & employee grievances .

Pan India Recruitment Road Map


What is HR outsourcing?
Managers are increasingly challenged by an ever-changing business environment, thus leaving them with no time to focus on the HR issues of the organization.
The key motive off all businesses is to earn profit, thus the concentration always lies on the core business. HR is a cost center to any growing organization.
Outsourcing rests on the premise that activities which are core and central to the organization need to be performed effectively within the organization.
Why should you outsource your HR?
Access to specialized service.
Helps the management to concentrate on their core business with reduced administrative burden.
Cost advantage.
Optimal resource utilization.
Structured and fair performance management.
Value creation, operational flexibility and competitive advantage.
Identify legal requirements and government reporting regulations affecting Human resource functions for on-rolls and outsource staff.
Why is HR outsourcing ideal for mid-sized companies, proprietorship or partnership firms?
Mid-size companies or Proprietorship companies cannot afford to have a separate HR department in their organizations.
This calls for specialists who will manage all the HR functions for the company which will not only benefit the employees but will reduce the burden of the senior management.
Successful outsourcing relationships offer cost-savings, standardization of processes and high quality of services.
What will an HR specialist do once he is deputed to your company?
Visit company offices on a regular basis.
Establish Human Resource systems, policies and procedures.
Plan sourcing of premium talent for the organization.
Prepare a training and development plan to meet personal, professional and organizational needs of company employees and ensuring its return on Investment.
Identify legal requirements and government reporting regulations affecting Human resource functions for on-rolls and outsource staff.
What size company’s can outsource their HR functions?
Businesses that outsource HR are typically small to midsize firms with between 25 and 1,500 employees.
These businesses view HR outsourcing as a strategic tool that relieves them of HR responsibilities and enables them to focus on what they do best.
In addition to allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities, outsourcing provides some key benefits.
Who can take outsource employees?
Every corporate, irrespective of the industry and size, can take outsource employees. The employees can be taken to work in any function or department of the organization.
They will report to the company representatives for day-to-day functioning, guidance and performance metrics etc.
Currently we have a few employees on contract with us. Can they be transferred to your rolls?
Yes, the current employees or prospective employees as selected by your company can be transferred on our rolls. We will manage all their statutory payments as per govt. rules and regulations.
We would like to have few employees on contract. Can you provide them?
Yes, we can source and recruit employees as per the job description.
Do you give benefits to employees deputed to our company?
Yes, we pay all benefits as per government rules, including Medical, Accident Insurance and statutory obligations.