Xtracare HR Solution offer highly standardized psychological test based assessment process that help measure intelligence, aptitude, sensitivity, memory, personality, involvement, leadership skills of a candidate, employee, individual or entire team. Our integrated psychological tests help in recruitment process, assessing productivity of team.

We conduct all sorts of psychological tests for an employer to help increase the growth and productivity of the organization where in we keep in view the team level or individual staff’s interest in the work, involvement, learning capacity, leadership skill, progress assessment as well as mental health and all these traits are tested. This is also done in requirement, promotion, and salary increment.
How we help Employer:
It is necessary for an employer angaged in different fields to know about the constant progress of the staff its involvement in the work so that the employer may be well versed with the leadership skill that is being developed in them and that too may be helpful in the growth and the productivity of the organization. At the same time it may be useful in the promotion of staff, their salary increment. The questionnaire prepared by us could prove useful in solving different problems arising in the organization from time to time.
How we help Employees:
Self assessment helps an employee or individuals to understand and recognize their strength and weakness. Here the psychological tests play an important role. When an individual recognizes his own personality, he proves to be a better worker and can develop himself in a better way.
How we help student and professionals:
We put before the students and the professionals their I.Q., E.Q. level and other personality strength and weakness through our psychological tests so that they may remove their weakness and increase their strength. Through this process an individual is benefited in developing his personality and he is in a better place to select better job for it self.
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